Learning How to Brand Myself

Now that I’m self-publishing I know I need to market my books, if I really want to sell them. How can I say this? I HATE MARKETING BECAUSE IT’S TOO TIME CONSUMING. I’D RATHER BE WRITING OR EDITING! There, I said it. That’s my truth. Yet, in my quest to

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Been a Long Time

I don’t know how bloggers do it. I started my blog to make myself accountable as a writer, so that I wrote something everyday. The truth is, I haven’t touched my blog since July 2013, though, I have been writing. I published my second book, as an eBook, in November

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When The Music Stops

My soul is troubled beyond words. Sporadically throughout the day I have found myself gasping for breath. As I work, I’m listening to house music because it’s the only music that drowns out the world around me. I’m not given to drinking, but what I really want to do is

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