Experience earlier this week. I had to sign a bunch of documents and in the body of one of the documents it described me as: “an UNMARRIED WOMAN.” Okay, upon seeing that I was “an UNMARRIED WOMAN” I got very tickled. First, because it was in all capital letters. Why

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Where Does The Time Go?

I have been so derelict in my (writing) duties. You know, I was going to say I haven’t written anything in awhile, I’ve written several letters, and I’ve worked on another author’s manuscript (great story, by the way). Something is going on with me. I think I’m a little tired. A lot

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It Only Takes One

Well, I got my feet wet over the weekend–I had my first book signing in eight years. It wasn’t really a book signing, as much as it was an event with vendors, and I happened to have books that I was going to sign and sell. But you know what?

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