It Only Takes One

Well, I got my feet wet over the weekend–I had my first book signing in eight years. It wasn’t really a book signing, as much as it was an event with vendors, and I happened to have books that I was going to sign and sell. But you know what? I had a great time. I met some great people, made some great connections, and met a vendor that may change my life as a writer as I know it.

The vendor that sat next to me, to my right, offered all kinds of advice regarding events that I could participate in and sell lots of book. I believe her, so I’m going to look into it. I shared my table with another writer, who seemed to also have a good time. I also spent much more money than I should have (there were some great vendors there).

There was one vendor that made relishes, pestos, and salsas. When I tell you they were good, that is an understatement. There was also another room where they were doing manicures and pedicures, but I could never leave my table long enough to take advantage of any of it. I know there was some aroma therapy going on in there too because I received a coupon for it. Oh, yeah, and I sold some books.

Overall, it was a good experience and a great way to get re-acclimated to striking up conversations with strangers to sell books. But the highlight of the event was the one contact I made that truly has the potential of changing my life as a writer. That’s all I’m going to say about it. Great annual event, Duke’s Academy’s Educator’s Empowerment Seminar. Look for it in 2014.

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My name is Taya R. Baker, but I write under the pen name T. R. Baker. By day I work for a state court judge; by night I write, copy edit for new authors, and provide scoping services to court reporters. I’m the oldest of my parents’ four children, and the only girl.