Maxwell = Muse

I actually finished Every Time I Close My Eyes in 1998 after coming home from my first Maxwell concert. I can’t tell you which song I heard first, but I immediately began trying to figure out who this brother was because I was so moved by his music. I was living in Germantown, MD, and struggling with coming up with an ending to the story. I was tapped out. I heard Maxwell was going to be in concert in Washington, D.C., so I quickly bought two tickets and invited a friend/former co-worker to go with me.

Let me tell you, I fell completely in love with the man and knew that I had found my muse. I went home after the concert, and for the next 4-5 hours I wrote three poems, two songs, and I finished the story.The concert made me realize I had purchased Maxwell’s second CD, the next morning, after only a few hours of sleep, I went in search for his first CD and anything else “Maxwell.” I have been a die-hard fan since that time.

Tuesday and Wednesday of this week I listened to Maxwell on Youtube (ain’t Youtube great). It brought back all of the old feelings I had for him. Those who know me well know those feelings hadn’t gone too far away. By Wednesday evening I felt “some kind of way” and really needed to write. I was back in that zone–filled with emotion and wanting to write “with” my heart (forget writing from my heart). I’m still there. I thank Maxwell for that.

I could say some other stuff, but it would make me sound, uh…very “stalkerish.” If you didn’t already know. There is a very fine line between adoration and stalking. As a matter of fact, I don’t want to scare Maxwell, so I won’t say I adore him. I actually admire and respect his work, and in a very quiet place in my heart I look forward to composing some music along with or for him (you to to put it out there, right).

In the mean time, I’ll continue to appreciate my muse, Maxwell, for what he does for and to me and I look forward to working on Daddy’s Big Girl a little more tomorrow.

Simply TRB

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My name is Taya R. Baker, but I write under the pen name T. R. Baker. By day I work for a state court judge; by night I write, copy edit for new authors, and provide scoping services to court reporters. I’m the oldest of my parents’ four children, and the only girl.